Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

ROOX establishes corporate social responsibility as a fundamental element of management, honouring and respecting its principles at all stages of the value chain and in its interactions with stakeholders in various regions and operational contexts.

ROOX makes the following commitments:

  1. Identify and incorporate the relevant aspects of social responsibility, taking into account the analysis of the context and the strategic objectives of the organisation, covering the entire life cycle of its products and services. Establishing challenging corporate social responsibility targets and promoting the necessary actions to achieve them, constantly seeking to improve performance in this area.

  2. Cultivate ethical behaviour based on the values of honesty, transparency and integrity, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the economy, people and the environment. To recognize the right of the stakeholders to be heard and to ensure that their expectations are considered in the decision making process.

  3. Respect the rule of law and act in accordance with the laws, regulations, international conventions and other standards, instruments and best practices applicable to the company's activities.

  4. Respect and promote human rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, as well as equal opportunities and best labor practices.

  5. To implement operational practices aimed at preventing corruption in all its forms.

  6. To encourage greater environmental awareness, based on the precautionary principle, especially with regard to pollution prevention, conservation of natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems.

  7. Promote the adoption of innovative solutions in terms of efficiency and sustainable mobility throughout the value chain, with the aim of developing a low-carbon economy.

  8. Inform and educate consumers about aspects related to the quality, health and safety of products and services offered by ROOX, aiming to promote sustainable consumption, as well as to ensure the privacy and protection of their personal data.

  9. To foster the development of the communities where it operates, in collaboration with different agents, through social and philanthropic investments, with the inclusive purpose of contributing to the achievement of its sustainable development goals, taking into consideration also the circumstances arising from emergency situations.

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