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Roox - Humanising technology

ROOX was founded in 2001 with the aim of delivering products and services to the legal sector, having however a history that goes back to 1987 with the acquisition in 2018 of XTR. Our vision of humanising technology is present in everything we deliver, whether through automating repetitive activities, simplifying processes and delivering information that generates knowledge, aiming to free professionals to their essence, which is creating added value to the services it delivers.

We are thus legaltech with the largest experience in Portugal with a comprehensive service offer for large law firms, but also small law firms, or even lawyers practicing alone.

Because information systems are not just engineering, but rather the trinomial of people, processes and technology, we have a multi-skilled team that understands the business not only from the technical but also from the management standpoints.

4 geographies

70 professionals

30 years of experience


"Man was not born to work, but to create."

In tribute to the Philosopher and Professor Agostinho da Silva

Em homenagem ao Filósofo e Professor Agostinho da Silva

Multidisciplinary team

Our Team

The success of information systems depends on the professionals who bridge the gap between what technology delivers and what the organisation needs or has the capacity to adopt. For this, it is essential, not only the capacity in systems and software engineering, but also business consulting. ROOX makes a difference because it has a multidisciplinary team that allows a multifaceted approach to problems, and because it continuously analyzes national and international trends, to adapt and deliver technology as an answer to the challenges of the Legal Practice sector.

"The Best Way to Predict The Future is to Create It”

Peter F. Drucker Enviar email

Luis Afonso Fernandes

Chief Executive Officer (CEO & Founder)

"Perfection is a lot of little things done well"

Marco Pierre White Enviar email

Nuno Águas


"Put how much you are into the least you do."

Fernando Pessoa Enviar email

Hugo Farinha

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

David Santos

Chief financial officer (CFO)

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

Benjamin Franklin Enviar email

Danilo Teixeira

Chief technology officer (CTO)

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary"

Albert Einsten Enviar email

Bruno Maio

Chief information officer (CIO)

Truth builds trust.

Marilyn Suttle Enviar email

Rui Vaz

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)



At ROOX we are passionate about everything we do. Come and be part of an energetic and innovative team. Together we can humanise technology. Check if any of the opportunities fit the career you want and send your application.

You can also send an unsolicited application, so that we can contact you in the future.

What are we looking for?

Face ao crescimento do nosso negócio, profissionalização e ambição em níveis maiores de qualidade, estamos a reforçar as nossas equipas com a admissão de Especialistas de Suporte Técnico. O elemento a integrar a equipa de suporte/helpdesk caracteriza-se da seguinte forma:

  • Habilitações Académicas ao nível do 12º Ano;
  • Experiência mínima de 2 anos em funções de suporte técnico presencial;
  • Experiência profissional comprovada em suporte ao utilizador e infraestruturas (Windows, Office, Web Client, Printers, Network Shares, etc);
  • Conhecimentos na área de Sistemas Operativos;
  • Bons conhecimentos de inglês;
  • Boa capacidade de análise e resolução de problemas;
  • Espírito de equipa e facilidade de relacionamento interpessoal;
  • Orientação para o cliente e boa capacidade de comunicação;
  • Carta de condução de veículos ligeiros.


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