Secure Replica of your Backups

ROOX Cloud Backup

Secure Replica of your Backups

ROOX Cloud Backup

To mitigate the consequences of computer attacks, or even disasters that make your information unavailable, it is essential to safeguard information redundantly and outside the physical location where production systems are located. This mechanism can often be the last stronghold to successfully recover your data in time, thus ensuring the continuity of your operation. With our service you guarantee the replication of your backups to a secure data centre environment, segregated from the logical and physical threats you are susceptible to on your premises.

Mitigate consequences of attacks and catastrophes
Relocation of backups

Cloud Backup benefits

If the physical servers located on your premises suffer a disaster, or even if you are the target of a ransomware attack, the relocation of backups is essential to ensure the recovery of your information. This system is complementary to a local backup but has often proven to be the only way to restore information from ransomware attacks that encrypt all local information, even backups.

Mitigates impacts of ransomware attacks

Mitigates catastrophe impacts

No need to perform an ISO27001 certification to implement measures that mitigate three pillars of information security risks in the being them, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. ROOX's Cloud backup is one of the measures that aims to respond to the control references, listed in ISO27001:2013(E), Annex A, point A.11, whose objective is to prevent unauthorized physical access, damage and interference to the organization's information and information processing facilities.

Control of information integrity and availability

Reference A.11.1.4 of ISO27001:2013

Our system has an automatic verification in order to ensure any failures in the backup process, since these can be fallible both in local execution, as well as replication to the outside. The guarantee of verification of backups is what ensures that it is available when we need it.

Automatic verification

Human verification

Error correction

Provided that the security principles and ROOX recommendations are observed, and if you have a managed services service, the replacement of a backup in case of disaster or cyber-attack is included in the service, thus avoiding significant costs in information recovery.

In case of cyber-attack, the replacement is included in the service (conditions apply).

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ROOX Cloud Backup

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