Dezembro 2020

ZERØ and ROOX define Partnership to Offer AI-Powered Email Management Solutions to Legal Professionals

ZERØ, originator of the legal industry’s most innovative email management platform, and ROOX, Portugal’s leading technology consulting firm for professional services organizations, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver AI-powered productivity, compliance, and profitability solutions to law firms and corporate legal departments.

This strategic partnership will provide ROOX law firm and corporate clients with IT consulting expertise designed to ‘humanize technology’, coupled with advanced email management productivity. ZERØ seamlessly automates the administrative processes of email management and filing into document management systems for iOS mobile devices and desktop. Using ZERØ, lawyers can vastly improve their billing hygiene and remove some of the operational friction during the lifecycle of matter management.

European law firms are increasingly seeking to innovate business processes, drive profit and reduce revenue leakage. The combination of ZERØ’s automated email management and time capture technology, and ROOX’s experience in delivering complex projects built with best-in-class legal tech will provide firms with such a solution, boosting profitability, and achieving operational excellence.

“ROOX has earned their reputation as the most trusted technology consulting partner among professional services firms in Portugal, including each of the ten largest law firms in the country. ZERØ offers industry leading technology for mobile email management and we are a natural fit with ROOX solutions for legal professionals.” said Ryan Steadman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZERØ.

“We help law firms maximize profitability and productivity by minimizing the wasted time lawyers spend on low-value tasks, by fostering self-sufficiency, and by improving compliance with email and time capture policies. This fits perfectly with the ROOX philosophy of humanizing technology”

At ROOX, we’re constantly seeking the best set of solutions to provide, not only, the best experience to our clients, but also to guarantee that they have the best tools to maximize their profitability and compliance level.

We identified ZERØ solution as a tool that really can help law firms reduce their time leakage as also being compliant about important information that isn’t immediately archived due to the activity being done on mobile.” Said Hugo Farinha, Chief Operating Officer at ROOX

About ZERØ

Founded in 2015, ZERØ is a technology company that offers the only mobile-first AI-powered solutions engineered to help law firms achieve operational excellence.  ZERØ’s applications enable lawyers to be more productive and generate more revenue by automating and streamlining onerous administrative tasks such as email management and mobile time capture.  Law firms around the world rely on ZERØ to minimize revenue leakage, increase email compliance, and improve the lives of their lawyers. Learn more at

About ROOX

ROOX was founded in 2001 and is focused on delivering 360º IT products and services to professional services companies. Partners include iManage, Intapp and Docscorp. The dynamics of the service market which is based on productivity, continuous improvement and differentiation, led us to focus on the constant adaptation of the technological process to the users. The principle of humanizing technology underlies everything we do, because we understand that technology has to be natural and engaging, not a barrier or frictional force.

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