07 August 2022



ROOX is committed to making law firms more secure and innovative

Bringing technological innovation to the legal sector, providing organisations with the ability to use and adapt to what technology has to offer, is ROOX's purpose. The consultancy also bets on information security as a fundamental component of its offer.

What exactly is your solution?

ROOX is a technology consultancy dedicated to the legal sector with a global offer positioning for the sector. We have multidisciplinary teams both in the R&D component, in custom or product development, but we also provide consultancy, implementation, integration and support for various other solutions from leading international manufacturers. In addition, we have a very robust area of managed services, support and outsourcing, which allows customers to find the answer to their needs in a single company.

Which solutions have stood out the most in your offer?

We have noticed that law firms in Portugal are in line with the trends of their international counterparts, increasingly betting on technology as a means for lawyers to do work with greater added value, through the elimination of repetitive tasks, automation, standardisation, but also through greater search capacity, indexing, cataloguing, largely powered by AI algorithms.

Our offer follows these trends, either with the R&D team or third party products. However, our highlight goes to the information security component, since we believe that in the context in which we find ourselves, this is a concern that accompanies any of our products and services. Two years ago we were ISO 27001 certified, being one of the 120 certified entities in Portugal with CISM certified consultants.

Currently, we support more and more clients, whether in their technological choices, or in procedural adaptations that respond to this standard, even if their ambition is not to make a formal certification. I also highlight the continuous training in the scope of cybersecurity awareness and the simulation of attacks for the evolutionary training of employees.

What value proposition can you contribute to the legal sector?

The legal sector has its own identity, due to its cultural, procedural and service particularities, in which technology plays a predominant role. Through the experience we have accumulated for decades in Portugal, to which we add our work with our international partners, we believe we are the company that provides the best guarantee of success in technological projects and services for the sector.

From your point of view, what can technology do for the national legal practice?

We think that until today the main focus of technology in law firms has been turned inwards, that is, how they can be more productive and profitable, how they can share more information or be more secure, with some concern for segmentation and positioning in marketing areas. Although at different paces, this is a path that has been travelled by everyone, but it will always be a process of continuous improvement. We believe, however, that the digital transformation of companies in the near future will involve making digitalisation available to their end customers, providing a new level of interaction with the existing market or even creating new markets for those who need more agile and standardised products and services.

What remains to be done for technological innovation to reach more and better this sector of activity?

The success of any technological innovation in an organisation is always dependent on the trinity of technology, processes and people. We are seeing more and more law firms developing organisational support structures to respond to an increasingly rapid need for technological adoption and consequent procedural adaptations.

We believe that this is the way for technological innovation in the legal profession to succeed, by equipping the organisation with the capacity to use and adapt to what technology has to offer.

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